Fall 2020 Interior Design Trends

If you’re anything like me, mixing it up every now and then is just as important as developing a signature style for your home. However, incorporating new and trendy pieces can seem like the most daunting thing to do. 

The key to seamlessly including the fall 2020 interior design trends isn’t as elusive as you think. Here are three of the best trends and the easiest ways to bring them into your home this season. 

1. Natural Materials 

Pieces made with natural materials and fibers will continue to be present in the trendiest homes this fall. The basket pendant lights and hand woven jute rugs that we saw everywhere this summer, are definitely here to stay and bring a fresh bohemian vibe that’s very current. 

Effortlessly incorporate this trend by adding a bouquet of pompous grass, bunch of dried bamboo, or even a bowl of moss to your coffee and dining tables. A little goes a long way with this trend. 

2. Modern Farmhouse Elements 

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is also here to stay in fall 2020. Some of the most chic elements of this style are smooth lines, wood elements, neutral color schemes and warm rustic accents. 

My favorite element from this style, and one of the easiest to adopt, is high contrast black finishes. Switch out your cabinet handles with something sleek, in an oil rubbed bronze finish, or paint your window frames a deep espresso. If you’re game to go the extra mile, you can also bring this look to life by changing out your faucets and light fixtures to dark metals as well. 

3. Gold/Brass Accents

It’s very on trend to bring in classic glam elements to modern and even classic style homes. Restoration hardware is very well-known for adding their Louis Philippe Gilt Mirror to every room they stage. It seems its time for us to catch up to their vision of this bold and elegant design choice.Go for a gilded mirror or simple gold picture frames to try out the trend this season. 

How to Level Up Your Style

Have you ever gone into a Pinterest fashion spiral? Where you start off casually looking at the newest fall trends, but end up seven boards deep enviously staring at a page filled with the most stylish Korean women you’ve ever seen?

No? That’s just me? Oh OK.

Even if you haven’t been in one of these trying situations, I’m sure you’ve wondered before how to easily upgrade your style. Whether you’ve got Pinterest and Instagram model envy, or just want to know how to refine your wardrobe, here are some tips on how to do it.

Stop wearing jeans and leggings.

This might be a pretty unpopular opinion, but many stylists say the easiest way to level up your style is to stop making jeans and leggings your wardrobe’s staples.

We all love a comfortable and fashionable fit. But unfortunately, these items often look too casual and can even make you look less put together.

There is a time and place to wear your favorite jeans, so don’t chuck them from your closet just yet. Instead, opt for other kinds of trousers, pants, and shorts.

Linen, cotton, or even woven material pants will keep you cool and comfortable, while also elevating your outfits. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Invest in designer pieces.

You might think that you don’t have the budget to splurge on that new Prada bag, but I’m here to tell you, ‘if there’s a will there’s a way’ (and I’ve found it).

Nothing elevates your wardrobe more than investing in high-end quality pieces that you love. Try shopping for designer items on resale sites, like Poshmark or Rebag, and go for basics, classics, or neutrals. That way, they can match with everything.

Make alterations to your clothing.

When it comes to leveling up your style, how your clothing fits is everything.

It’s important to buy clothing that fits you properly, but if you’re particularly tall, petite or curvy, this can be a real challenge.

Honestly, everyone needs to find a tailor and make them their new best friend. The most stylish individuals know the importance of customizing their clothes to achieve the perfect look. If you’re crafty enough, you can even do the tailoring yourself after watching a few how to’s on YouTube.

The point is, your vintage designer blazer will only look as good as it fits. Make sure it hits right at the end of your wrist because these little details help take your outfits to the next level. Thank me later.

How to Be The Best Dressed In The Office | Office-Wear Style Tips

The iconic Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” 

This serves as inspiration for some, who picture themselves on a yacht in the south of France while buying a new designer swimsuit. But this quote can also stir up anxiety for others, who think about the constant dilemma of not knowing what to wear to work. 

Office attire can be dull and boring, but I’m sure none of you ladies want a dull or boring career. Here’s how you can spice up your work wardrobe, be the best dressed in the office, and never wonder ‘what to wear to work’ again. 

Go for a cute pair of booties, instead of flats or a heel.

I’m sure we all have wished we could be one of those stylish businesswomen on TV, who prance around in heels all day. But in reality, that is completely unrealistic. It’s so important to feel comfortable at work, in addition to looking good. So instead of opting for a Plain Jane flat, or struggling through the day in your heels, try out wearing a cute pair of booties instead! 

Booties can look so stylish at work when paired with a smart pair of trousers and a feminine blouse. Trust me, your feet and your confidence will be in great shape at the end of the workday. 


Accessories can elevate every outfit to perfection when done right. When accessorizing business attire, stick to the rule of three: 

  1. A statement accessory that draws your eye in. For example, a big pair of earrings, a flowy scarf, or a large necklace. 
  2. A daintier accessory to balance out the statement piece. Go for a small pair of stud earrings if you chose a statement necklace and vice versa.
  3. Never leave the house without some arm candy! A watch or bracelet will do.

If you want to look put together and elevate your office style, accessorizing your outfit, with more than just a handbag, is one of the keys. 

Don’t be afraid of color. 

The last tip for all of you working gals is to experiment with color. Go for a blush blazer instead of the traditional black. Or better yet, when shopping for your next go-to work handbag, get something that’s a statement. You can pair something trendy, like a cherry red or faux snakeskin purse, with your more plain office outfits for a unique look that’ll definitely turn heads down the hall.

How to Decorate Your Home Like An Interior Designer

If you haven’t noticed by now, I literally live and die for interior design.

HGTV might as well be the only channel in my cable package, and my collection of home décor magazines has gotten a little out of control.

One of my favorite philosophies is that truly living your style doesn’t just involve the clothes you wear. It involves styling every aspect of your life down to the little details.

So if designing the most perfect home is one of your ultimate goals, you’ve come to the right place!

Although professional help with designing your home is the most ideal, it is not impossible to get that catalog look all by yourself. You can decorate your home like a pro with just a few targeted tips. Here’s what I’ve learned from watching and reading about the industry’s top professionals.

1.Make a plan.

The first thing every interior designer does when starting a new project is creating a detailed plan. This usually involves a mood board, color scheme, document with photos of each furniture piece, and a digital rendering of the room design. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy, you can do all of this for yourself from a smartphone. Screen shot all of the pieces you’re considering for a room and put them in collage, along with your paint color. Putting everything side by side will allow you to see if it will really work together in your space. This is how interior designers get it right every time.

As long as you stick to your plan, as opposed to buying random pieces and hoping for the best, you’ll be golden.

2. Prioritize lighting and incorporate plants.

Lighting sets the mood and tone of every room. Your bright and neutral color palette just won’t pop if all you have is one floor lamp. Interior designers layer their lighting. That means, depending on your desired vibe, you should add lamps, sconces, and maybe even a pendant or chandelier.

Another pro tip is to bring in plants (real or fake doesn’t matter). I’ve noticed some of the most high-end stylings always include olive trees or flowers.

3. Design around a focal point.

Every room should have a focal point or an interesting element that draws your eye in. This could be a large piece of art, a chandelier or even cool wallpaper. Designing and building up around a focal point is a surefire way to make sure every room has a unique element and professional touch.

The Three Best New Youtube Channels for Home & Design Inspiration

Like the required reading we used to do in school, I’ve got some required watching for all you home décor lovers.

These lists usually feature big names in the design world, such as Studio McGee or House and Home. If you have the $10,000 to spend on the couch they suggest, good for you , but I’m sure many of you are looking for something different.

Whether you’re interested in finding dupes for iconic Restoration Hardware pieces, looking for your next DIY project, or you’re just curious about what’s new in the design world, this list of up and coming creators is a one-stop shop for everything your heart and home desires.

Here are the top three best new interior design YouTube channels you need to follow right now!

  1. Arvin Olano

So “nobody asked,” but Arvin Olano’s style is just as cute as his catchphrase, and he’s quickly growing in the hearts of home décor enthusiasts across YouTube. With 44,500 subscribers, Olano’s channel features a wide range of videos, including Home Goods Shop With Me’s and How To Make Your Home Look Expensive On A Budget.

His style is a mixture of mid-century modern, bohemian, and contemporary, but he’s never afraid to mix it up and try what’s trendy. This makes him a must-watch.

  1. Brandy Jackson

Next on the list is Brandy Jackson, a self-proclaimed “bougie on a budget” creator with an effortless and modern style. Her channel is new, with only a year worth of videos, but she’s quickly gained 21,200 subscribers. Her channel features a lot of hauls, with a good mixture of both medium and high-end pieces. She’s also known for home styling tutorials.

Jackson does a great job of mixing modern and rustic elements in her designs. She’s also a Restoration Hardware lover, and we style snobs all need to stick together.

  1. DIY with KB

Is it ever appropriate to call someone a DIY queen in your article? After watching KB create Pottery Barn inspired artwork, several Restoration Hardware dupes, and renovate her kitchen without professional help, the term seems more than fitting. I am one of the 23,600 subscribers that KB inspires weekly, with her DIY’s and endless searches for dupes.

Her creativity has allowed her to design the perfect classic home with high contrast industrial details. Watching her videos will surely help you do the same, and have a little fun creating something of your own in the process.

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